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Super Late Introduction Post

Konnichiwa! \(*w*)/

I've been using this LJ since....2009?2010? At first I only became member and 'watcher' and never really post anything, so I never felt the need for introduction post, especially index. But with how this LJ grow up, and my plan to lock my works from now and later on, I think it became necessary ^^

So about me, I'm '92 born Indonesian girl who just grow up loving Japanese stuffs and culture :D
I’m a fanatic Hey! Say! JUMP fan, and dying fan of the irritatingly handsome and flawless guy Nakajima Yuto (>//////<)

Also a dying hard-shipper of Yutoyama or Yamajima, whichever you call it XD

*[2017 UPDATE]*
Since Bokugoha movie, I have declare myself as hard-shipper of YutoYuko *A*

to the point I wish they really date and marry in real life, LOL

Among Jrs, I’m a hard fan of Kouchi Yugo, my babyyyyyy X3333 I hope he and SixTONES could debut soon!

Beside JE fandom, I'm also a big fan of anime. Recently and the ones still my everlasting fav is Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Hyouka, Akagami no Shirayuki Hime, etc. But I never talk about these in here anyway X"D

This LJ of mine is mostly consist of my translating works, sometimes personal subbing, and recently JUMP’s releases download links. For Translating works it’s all will be public open, but for download link it’ll be friend-locked after about 1-2 weeks (if I not forgot XD).

I’m not that strict kind of person, as long you help me along by following my rules, which is very common and easy in my opinion. Just don’t re-use my files without my permission, or re-share the download link directly to ANYWHERE. Just link the post instead if you want to share :D

Just introduce yourself here about whatever you wants me to know about you (about fandom ofc XD) and I’ll add you back as soon as I have the time :D
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