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Another one of my lone trip exploring Tokyo (LOTS OF ATTACHED PIC WARNING)

My next Tokyo's exploration trip was girls version of Akihabara, the IKEBUKURO!


This will be a super long post with tons of pics attached, open with caution of your quota If you bored and want to read this XDDDD

Right after arriving in Ikebukuro St. I got welcomed by many big Ansamble Stars posters like everywhere since it's the game's 1st year's anniversary. Too bad I couldn't find any that up Tomoya's big pic :((

First destination is "Pokemon Center". After around 15-20 minutes walk I arrive in Sunshine City where the Pokemon Center is located, and it was right on time that they're having Lucarious appear XD (I only manage to take his backside pic tho).

Pokemon Center is literally my childhood came smashing back at me >< It was all Pikachu, plushies, adorable stuffs, and more Pikachuuuuu!!!! I was actually looking for any Mew (Not mewtwo!!) but they only have this small plushie of Mew, which I reluctant to buy. Kinda regret the decision tho :(( Since I planned to change my phone case anyway, I ended up only buying Pikachu's phone case (which is the last stock!). I can see big man and small kids with their respective DS having heated up and fun battle, family with a basket full of pokemon stuffs, and big boys (prob High schooler) walking around hugging real-size pokemon plushie like it's normal thing. THIS IS HEAVEN FOR MY EYES.

Near Sunshine City there's Animate Cafe so I drop by to look (you can't buy anything there unless reserve first). The wind when I walk there was SOOOO STRONG I (and people around me) literaly got blown a few steps it's crazy!! 〣( ºΔº )〣

And DAMN I didn't know aside from collab with CCS Animate Cafe is having collab with Ansuta too!!! Tomoya is all cutie in the goods and I couldn't buy even one it's frustating By the way they have this special celebration for it's Yuuki's bday :3

Continuing to the big Animate, I drop by on a store with lots of Ufo Catcher that collab with AnSuta. They only have like 2 machine with Tomoya's solo thing, but I thought I could find some in Animate (since I always sucks at Ufo Catcher) so I got out without doing anything. Oh, but again they have this big message board to celebrate Conan/Shinichi's bday! And one of the staffs cosplayed as Conan XD

Animate.....simply said is overwhelming @.@ And it's goldeen week so MASS OF PEOPLE but the stuffs are just sooo many too, I ended up got overwhelmed and didn't buy anything. They have corner for Ansuta ofc, but none of Tomoya thing so yeah I didn't try to get any :( There's one floor all BL comics and doujin, a floor of comics, a full floor of anime goods. SOOO many stuff but not enough Tomoya!!!!

So I decided to go back to those ufo catcher machines and try my luck on them. As expected, in 5 tries I didn't get any tho. As I feel dejected and enter another shop, I found this gatcha with ansuta's pin inside. Since they supposed to have Tomoya, I think try one won't hurt it. Guess what, I got Tomoya on first try it actually kinda scary!!! X"DDDD

As I headed to my late lunch in this Manhattan seafood restaurant (which has halal label in it!) I can found many people cosplaying and having photoshoot session. And there's also a mass of cosplayer gathering in a park near Sunshine City before. All of them are girls cosplaying as their favourite boys from ansuta and such otoge XD

The food, was delicious! I've been craving for this kind of seafood for ages since coming to Japan so I'm really happy X"D They also put up a (super) small space if you want to pray too :3

Finish resting, I continue to meet up with my friend in Shibuya, but ended up dropping by in Harajuku first. I don't know why I ended up visiting Takeshita-dori when I know how packed it'll be and how true I am X"DDD

Skipping the mass of people in Takeshita-dori, I meet up with another mass of people in Shibuya. Oh dear all the peopleeeeeee! After meeting up in front of Hasshi's and Kawai-kun's "Coin Locker" butai poster, we went to get "Melon Pan Ice Cream". Lining a but, but it's super delicious! I love the bread's texture plus the ice cream's softness combi >< Oh, we also saw giant Star Wars themed tsum-tsum thing since it's 4th May XD May the force (4th) be with you :3

Last stop is buying a small bag in Daiso (since I forgot to bring one for the poster my friend give me) and then took train back to Utsunomiya. Good thing I chose Green Car since the train is so packed I won't get any seat in normal cars, and my stop is the last one. Good thing too it's the very last stop too, because I literally slept through the journey that when I woke up for the n-th time the train already stopped completely X"DDDD

Extra : I also bought new power bank~ Smaller in capacity than my old one but it's cuter and lighter! :3

Another note!
JUMP's next tour has been announced, and both of the Yokohama Arena period is in my school holiday! Planning to go watch once for each YokoAri, wish me luck for my first JUMP concert >
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