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This is my first actual post every since coming to Japan. So I finally get to buy and read the new Waiwai recently, and find the yutoyama crosstalk so cute~ I have been kinda lost from fandom while managing my new lifestyle here, so I don't know whether anyone have translate it or not, but since it's short I did it anyway. So if you haven't read it, enjoy~

Waiwai JUMP Vol 5
Nakajima Yuto x Yamada Ryosuke Crosstalk

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Possible subbing hiatus? Hope not...

By this time next week, I would already arrived in Japan. I'm going to take Japanese Language School for a little bit more than a year starting next week :) I'm really excited for this long stay, since it'll be my first long stay outside of my home country, and it's in JAPAN! ><

I'll be living in a dorm, doing intern in restaurant for the first 3 months then continue as part-times there for the rest of the school period, so I don't know how busy I'll be for the next year, or how accessible I will be to the internet and my usual download website source ><

One thing for sure, I probably couldn't continue my Waiwai JUMP scanlation while I'm staying there, since I didn't have any portable scanner at the moment, so it's a definite hiatus (or if by miracle I buy a scanner while I'm staying there?).

I'll still try to be active in the subbing community I'm part of, and probably still being noisy translating bits and stuffs in my twitter, so yeah I'll try not to looked dead too much XD

What I'm really excited about is the fact that I'll be able to watch Pink to Gray right on the premier day!!! I have googled and just a few blocks from my school there's mall with Toho Cinema! And since I'll be living in Tochigi, which is outside Tokyo and a little bit more rural than the big cities like Tokyo, I'm hoping I could get the ticket for the premier day without too many efforts on that day. And the cinema goods too!!!

So yeah, that's a little bit update about me. Now I need to finish my unfinished project before my flight on the 6th ('-')/

Happy Early New Year people!!! XD



I can't believe this just happened.

Taguchi Junnosuke announce himself RIGHT before KAT-TUN perform in Best Artist that he's leaving KAT-TUN and JE by next spring. Saying he thinks on what he wants to do in his life because he'll reach 30 years old soon.

This is the worst....

I can't believe it when I watch it real-time earlier.

I feel....betrayed, sad, disappointed....it's just....so sad.

KAT-TUN has lose their precious members, like NEWS, SO MANY TIMES already. And when I, WE, have finally feel assured they can go stable like this with the 4 of them, this happened.

They apologized so much in their J-Web entry for the matter. I couldn't even care anymore about Taguchi's entry, but reading the other 3's entry really makes me broken down inside D:

They apologized, and apologized so much, about not being able to convince Taguchi enough to have him stayed. Saying how Taguchi so firm with his decision. They sounded so guilty to the fans, and I don't like it a bit!! It's not THEIR fault!!! D:

I understand Taguchi have his own plan for his life, everyone deserve one, I really do think so, but when you're thinking about the other three's feelings it makes the decisions sounds so cruel :'(((((

I don't know what Taguchi have in mind for his future, Nakamaru hinted that Taguchi wants to isolate himself from the showbiz, so I guess he's leaving this entertainment world for good, maybe getting married like the rumour said or what, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY hoped HE could've have think of a way that wouldn't put the other 3 in this kind of position :(((

They have been comrades for almost 10 years now, and Taguchi also feel it when their members leave, I would've NEVER think he will do this to them.

I may not be the biggest KAT-TUN fans, but my JE journey started by me liking them, so they hold special place in me. We don't know yet what KAT-TUN will be after this, but I hope whatever that decision is, it will be able to make the other 3 smile, even if it's just a bit.

I'm not really in my straightest mind right now, so I maybe regretting parts of what I write here later on, but I really need to pour this down.

And lastly, I HOPE, WISH, BEG, that they won't rub this matter in front of Kame, Nakamaru, nor Ueda anymore whenever they're on TV for their solo work.

No apologize, no jokes, nothing.


I don't want to see them apologizing anymore. It's enough.


Hello again, I've got quite a free time for myself yesterday, and kinda in the good pace for reaching my target to finish scanlating this volume before the new volume came out~
So here I got 3 NEW CHAPTERS ready now~!!

I've got Tadaiki's cute chapter, JUMP who supposed to be helping Yabu-kun, and YutoYamaChii with horse~~

These chapters are really short anyway, so I'm going to post the 3 together.

No more talking, here you go~

[Chapter 75 - TaDaiki]Wai Wai JUMP Chapter 75 : "Playing Basketball!"

Download : "You have it good!"

[Chapter 83 : JUMP+Yabu-kun]Wai Wai JUMP Chapter 83 : "Helping out Yabu-kun...?"

Download : "We come to help!"

[Chapter 84 : YutoYamaChii]Wai Wai JUMP Chapter 84 : "Riding Horse!"

Download : "I'll ride to anywhere!"

Btw, I tend to do chapters that I like first, so now I'm left with only a few of chapters that I still personally like for volume 4. You guys can make a request on which chapters you want me to do first among these chapters left from volume 4. I'm going to be working on YutoYama's radio chapters from previous volume too, just FYI

Chapters left from Vol 4 :
-JUMP World Concert
-Johnny's World Concert (With glimps of Sexy Zone & ABC-Z)
-TakaChii in France
-Hikaru's prank
-Yabu's 40 Carat Stageplay report
-Chinen's Onmyouya e Youkoso report
-BEST jealous over 7 (kinda like another of their 'motetai' segments)

I'll be waiting for your responses guys~
It's been a while since I posted any Waiwai chapter!
This chapter should've been for Inoo-kun's birthday, but I didn't make it in time, and got busy after, so....yeah :p

This chapter is about HikaNoo!!


download : CosplayHikaru-kun~~

Nakajima Yuto in Busan

So, yeah. I don't think I've ever posted any entry that has nothing to do with my translation stuffs? But since this is a really memorable event for me and us Yuto's fans, I want to write it down here just as reminder in case in the future I forgot the details I know now.

What event? Of course about Yuto coming to Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in Korea, that started on 1st October! Gosh, he's so devastatingly handsome and cute and---okay, I'll stop here, or I won't even start this post, am I?

1st October 2015
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2 October 2015
His koreans and Bed scene XDCollapse )

So yeah, that's all about it. I haven't got out of my feels for Yuto from this event already. I mean, Yuto is just too good looking in his every pics that it's killing me TT^TT

We got YutoYama moments, hints of future hot YutoKaho moments, and YutoSuda + YutoSudaMamiya moments, how can I not be happy? X"D

I even saw some people that's not his fans saying how he's handsome and cute and stuffs, and now I'm afraid(?) that Yuto's fans gonna increase because of this X"DDD

I'm happy if he get more attention and more jobs, but somehow I'm a possesive fans who kinda wants Yuto just for us, his fans from when he's still unnoticed and stuff. yeah, if you know what I mean U_U

Pictures are credit to many sources in weibo, and as watermarked.
Since today (5/9) is our dear Ichigo prince's birthday, I scanlate his solo chapter in Waiwai JUMP Vol 4 \(^O^)/
They ask him what kind of job an Idol is, and he tells us stories about his hardship and happiness in being an idol~! >w<

And to make it more special, and since I only made it to finish 1 chapter, I made two version this time.
One version in English, while the other one is in Indonesian for my Indonesian fellows X3


Scan and Translation credit to me!
Please don't re-upload or re-using this without permission!

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Today 4/15 is Daiki's 24th Birthday~!
Yeay~~!! Otanjoubi omedetou our cute and adorable penguin~~!!!!! >w<
Each year you didn't look like you growing up at all, you looked cuter and cuter instead!
I hope you keep it that way!! XDD

So to celebrate Daiki's Birthday I scanlate the 2 chapter about Ariyama in Kindaichi Festival~!
Ariyama is so cute and adorable in these chapters!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! ^w^

Scan and translation credit to me
Please don't hotlink!
Please credit if using this in whatever way!

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Wow a fic from me!

Hahaha, okay that might be a weird post title, but it's true!

At least I've never write HSJ fic before (not that I never thought about it though), and this one is a crossover between my two favorite fandom, Anime/Manga Katekyou Hitman Reborn (KHR) and Hey! Say! JUMP (or HSJ yeah you people know already).

The story (at least in this part) is from the KHR charas point of view so if you didn't familiar with them it might be hard to imagine, but well...yeah, that's how it is. I suddenly thought of this plot when realizing that my bias in the two fandom, Yamamoto Takeshi and Nakajima Yuto actually have many in common, except one actually exist and one just imaginary character of course, and I thought of HOW it'll be if they ever meet and this is how it ended. I actually just plan to make a short one-shot but my bad habit since middle school when writing stories is that it's hard for me to STOP after I start writing and having all this scenes in my head, so I think it'll be 2-3 shots, but I don't think you guys will read it anyway :P

I'm not making any sense and I'll just leave it at that.

I actually almost wish you guys won't read this though. Because this is just weird.

Title : Trip to Tokyo!
Pairing : None(?)
Word Count : 4410
Genre : Friendship, humor(?)
Rating : T (for swearing)
Summary : In short, if KHR charas accidentally bumped into HSJ boys on one of their business trip.

[Dont read this please]"Tsuna-nii!! Look! Look! It's the Sky Tree!! I want to go up there!!"

"Stupid cow! We're not here to play! Be quite will you?!"

"Ahahaha, maa maa Gokudera. He's still a kid after all."

Tsuna just sigh as the three keep battering at each other in front of them. Well none of them is exactly wrong, and he would LOVE to go sightseeing at the famous tower himself too.

If only they're not here for WORK.

"Well at least this time it's not a really mafia related work," Tsuna sigh in relief.

"SO WHO ARE WE MEETING AGAIN TODAY SAWADA!?" ask Ryouhei as he step beside him.

A hard smack landed on the boxer head as soon as he finish talking as the skylark stood behind him.


"You're disrupting the peace."

Tsuna quickly stepping between them as soon as he saw the skylark's tonfa is ready in the owner's hand. "Kyouya, Onii-san, please no violence today! You promise didn't you?! And Onii-san, we're in public space so please lower your voice a bit."

The two boys staring at their boss, and quickly stiffen at the sight of his sharp stare.

Tsuna is in his boss mode.

"Ah...yeah, sorry Sawada."


Tsuna just sighed at them, and then turn to his female mist guardian who just stood behind him silently since the start.

"Thank you for being such a soothing presence at times like this, Chrome," Tsuna feels like crying in happiness as he state the fact.

"Um....no problem, Bossu?" She said with a tilted confused face.

"By the way, is Mukuro disappearing to somewhere again?"

"Ah, yeah. I'm sorry bossu..."

"Haha, no need to apologize Chrome. It's not your fault. Just....warn me if you think he's up to something."

Chrome nodded, "Okay Bossu."


Tsuna turn his attention away from Chrome and see the three walk back towards them, with Lambo struggling in Gokudera's arm.

"We're supposed to be meeting with this artist's manager later on tonight right? So what are we going to do now?" Ask the swordsman with his usual grin.

That's right. This time they are not going out to do any of mafia related business, but for the 'upper face business' instead.
The Ninth has been training Tsuna on every company the Vongola is managing, which is including many different kind of fields, and one of it is by making Tsuna personally handling the meeting business for each company on his own. With the cover as the 'future-director-in-training' which is true actually.

This time, they're given responsible to go for a meeting in Tokyo to meet with the artists that gonna do CM for one of their new phone product from the Vongola electronic company.

"Yeah, I guess we could rest a bit in the hotel. But we missed our lunch earlier, so why don't we get some food first over there? That restaurant seems nice. It's not crowded, so you're okay with that, right Kyoya?" Tsuna beamed his smile at the grunting cloud behind him, and only receive a grunt plus a small nod. Which is good enough for him.

"Yeay!! Food! Food! I'll be the first one to eat!!"

Lambo swiftly letting himself go from Gokudera's grip and waste no time to dash towards the restaurant at the end of the street.

"Ah! Wait Lambo! Don't run around like that!"

"Haha! I won't wait for--ouch!!"

Suddenly Lambo bumped into someone who's also running from the other side of the intersection and caused them to thrown back at the ground at the same time.

"Lambo! You okay? I told you not to run like that!" They quickly approach him and Tsuna helping Lambo on his feet, making sure he's not injured.

"Ouch....that hurt"

Almost forgot about the other person, Tsuna and the rest turn towards the stranger who's still sitting back in the ground as he massaging his head. The boy with short straight brown hair looking at them with half pouting and half glaring stare. He didn't look that much taller then Tsuna, but seeing his cute face they somehow guess that the boy is not that older than them.

"Ah! I'm sorry, are you okay? Sorry for what my brother done," Tsuna quickly bowing in apology.

"Ugh...I'm fine, but look at what you have done to my new phone!" The boy pull out a phone from his back pocket and pointing at the long crack in the screen.

"Tch, you're at fault for not paying attention either," said Gokudera from Tsuna's side.

"What did you said?!" The boy suddenly stood up and looked ready to launch himself at them, which make some of them almost ready to launch back at him too, when suddenly another groan escape the boy's lips as someone smack him right in his head.

"And what do you think you're doing, Daichan? Picking up a fight with kids?"

The boy who’s being called as 'Daichan' turn around to the new boy who's height didn't that much different from him with a made-up anger face, "But Yamada! My new phone broke because of the kid! And I just bought it a few days ago!"

The other boy named Yamada who's wearing almost all black colour clothes plus wearing a sunglasses could only sigh as he ruffle his own brown hair, "and you're supposed to be the more adult one...."

"Is there something wrong Yamachan?"

The two boys turn, and Tsuna could only stand there and watch as another group of 7 boys walk towards them. Tsuna staring at each and every one of them, and could only say the similarities between all those boys is that they're good looking in each of their own way.

"Oi Yuto, look at this! My new phone is broken because of them!"

The tallest boy with short black hair and wearing denim jacket bend his body a bit to take a look at the shoved phone and stucked between gaping and laughing at the sight, "Uwaahahahah! That's a big crack you have there! What did you do to it? Stomping it right in the screen??"

"Considering Daichan's recent losing streak in the game he was into lately, that's possible," another boy who somehow looked beautiful in the face added from behind with a scary smirk.

"I DID NOT! And hey! I was starting to win lately!"

"So, what's actually going on here?" Ask another one who's height almost similar with the boy named Yuto as he eyed Tsuna and the rest confusedly.

"Seems like Daichan bumped into the kid and broke his phone in the process," the one named Yamada answer. And Tsuna glad he didn't seem like holding any grudge against them, unlike the phone owner.

"Aah~ Daiki, what have you done? It's such a waste of a phone with 128GB memory space~" the smallest one out of the group say as he pat his friend's shoulder with a smile on his face.

"Wait, it's not my fault! It's the kid!"

"You're the older one so you're definitely the one at fault more," say another one with shoulder length brown hair.


"Umm....guys. I hate to disturb, but I think we need to move soon."

At the mention from the one with short spiky black hair, all of them including Tsuna's group looked around and just realized that people have started pointing and looking at them. And to Tsuna's group confusion, most of the girls looked excited, blushing and giggling.

"Um...excuse me."

The 9 boys turn around and see Tsuna stepping towards them with Gokudera and Yamamoto on tow.

"I would like to apologize and maybe properly compensate on the damage that my little brother have done. Do you think maybe we could talk in somewhere more....private?" Tsuna said as he eyed the growing spectator. Even if he didn't mind, the other group clearly looked disturbed at the crowds somehow for unknown reason to him.

The 9 boys looking at each other (and some give out mocking grin at the annoyed 'Daichan') before one of them, one of the tallest with brown hair and small eyes, stepping to the front to him.

"I don't really want to make you repay him or something actually, but yeah...maybe we should move somewhere first," he said as he eyed the crowds too. "If you please follow me."

They then follow the group towards the restaurant they previously planned to go to (this time with much persuade to Hibari since the sudden ‘crowding’), and watch as the boy talk to the waitress and then being lead to the back side of the restaurant where all the private room are.

"Jyuudaime, are you sure we should follow these guys? They looked suspicious to me," whisper Gokudera from behind as they walk.

"Ahaha, you mean because some of them wear sunglasses? It is freaking hot out there Hayato"

"Not that you baseball-freak!"

"Don't worry Hayato, I know they're not a bad person," Tsuna quickly cut them before they argued more.

"....well, if Jyuudaime says so."

"They looked strong! I extremely want to invite them for a spar!!"

".....please spare them, Onii-san."

And then they arrive at the most back room, which looked like the biggest too, considering their number. It was a long tatami sitting room (to Kyouya's delight) with a long table that probably could hold up to 30 person or so.

The 2 group then quietly take place each in different side, with Tsuna take the most left seat followed by his guardians in his right, and right in front of him is the one who answer him earlier. He seems like the leader or probably the oldest of the group.

"Have you had lunch yet?" He ask Tsuna.

"Um...no, we were just about to go here to eat before actually..."

The older boy then make a grin at him, "That's good then. Please give us our usual," he turn to the waiting waitress.

As the waitress bowed and left the room, they are left in silence.

"Um....I would like to apologize again in place of my little brother..." Tsuna re-started the conversation as he bow in his seat.

"But Tsuna-nii!"

"Quiet you stupid cow! This is all your fault in the first place! You should be ashamed for making Jyuudaime do this!"

"No, please don't be, he's a kid after all," the other boys quickly calm them. "After all, as I said before, we don't seek your repayment or something. It's just that....the situation outside is a bit....problematic for us earlier."


"Why don't we introduce ourselves properly first?" The boy named Yuto cut him quickly from the other side of the table.

The boy in front of Tsuna nodded at that, "Yuto is right, we are being rude here. My name is Yabu Kota, nice to meet you." He said while nodding to them. "The one beside me here is..."

"Inoo Kei desu," the one with beautiful face continue on.

"I'm Yaotome Hikaru, sorry for the ruckus by the way," said the one beside Inoo with a grin that shows his crooked teeth. "This here is Keito."

"Okamoto Keito desu, nice to meet you," the one with spiky black hair and sharp eyes bowing politely as he glancing nervously towards Hibari's direction. Not that Tsuna didn't understand why.

"I'm Chinen Yuri~! Nice to meet you~~!" The shortest one say cheerfully as he waving at them.

"I'm Nakajima Yuto, it's a pleasure to meet you," the tallest one say with a short bow and a grin.

"I'm Yamada Ryosuke," the one who smack the 'Daiki' one earlier say with a curt bow. And as he let go of his sunglasses, they could now see that he's actually quite pretty himself for a boy.

"Oi Daichan, stop sulking and be an adult for a once," Yamada hissed at the sulking boy beside him.

"....Arioka Daiki desu."

The other could only sigh at the childish boy as they arrive on the last person. "Takaki Yuya. Sorry for hus rude behaviour. He's just too excited at his newly bought phone."

"Ah, no...we're at fault too," Tsuna quickly say. "I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi by the way, you could just call me Tsuna. And these are my friends."

"Gokudera Hayato."

"I'm Yamamoto Takeshi, nice to meet you!!"

"Lambo-sama is Lambo-sama!"

"Sasagawa Ryouhei!! Extremely nice to meet you!!!" Which cringe some of the boys who's near enough from him.

"Um....Chrome Dokuro desu. Nice to meet you."


Everyone eyeing Hibari who sit at the far end of the table with his arm crossed and eyes closed which makes him at least 5 empty seats away from the rest of them.

"Ah, that one is Hibari Kyouya. Please forgive him, he doesn't like....crowding too much. Right, Kyouya~?"

In which he only answer with a low grunt.

"By the way, I've been wanting to ask this to you guys earlier..." the one named Yaotome leaned in a bit at them. "Do you people....know us?"

Tsuna and the others staring at each other with confused face before turning back at him. "If you mean whether we've known each other before, I don't think so," says Gokudera.

"No, that's not what I mean," Yaotome says as he shake his head. "I mean, you guys don't know WHO we are?"

"Well we've extremely know your names just now!"

This time it was the other group that staring at each other with raised eye.

"You guys are not from around here?" This time it was Yamada who ask.

"Nope! We're from Namimori!" Yamamoto answer with a big grin.

"Namimori? Where is that?"

"Stupid! Don't be rude Yuya!" Daiki smack him in the head.

"Now YOU'RE talking!" He bark back.

"Stop it right now you two!" Yaotome shout from the other side of the table.

"I see, well and they're almost all male too so I guess it's normal they didn't know us?" Nakajima said with a grin.

"It's still hurt a bit though," Yamada sulking beside him.

"Maa maa Yamachan~ Don't take it into heart~"

"Um...are we supposed to know you?" Tsuna asked with confused face.

"Nope. Don't mind them," the one named Inoo Kei answered.

"Um....okay? So, about the compensation I was talking about earlier....I was thinking of repaying it with this. Hayato, you bring some sample with you right?"

"Of course Jyuudaime!" Gokudera rummage the bag that he bring and pulling out a box from it. "Here it is Jyuudaime"

"Jyuudaime?" One of them says in confusion.

"Ah, thank you Hayato," Tsuna take it and put it at the middle of the table so they could see. "As an apology I would like to give this to you," he stare at Daiki with apologetic face.

All of them leaning a bit to take a better look at the box, and then almost all of their eyes looked like about to pop out.

"No way!"

"Isn't this the latest model that hasn't been released yet?!"

"I thought it'll only be released in another 3-4 months?!"

"Heck the memory size of your phone is not even comparable with this one, Dai-chan!"

"Uwah! For real?!"

"Eeh~ that's nice. Won't you broke my phone too so I could have one of that too"


"But, how did you manage to get ahold of this?" Inoo asked as everyone fussing over the phone.
Tsuna scratch his face with a bit tint of blush on his cheek as he glance at the other side, "Um....you could say I have connection for that."

"Just shut up and accept it you ungrateful people. Tsuna-nii is kind enough to give you that after all," Lambo says with a mumble as he leaning his head at the table.

Arioka who until the second before still admiring the new phone in his hand with sparkling eyes suddenly turned towards the youngest person in the room and glaring at him, "What's that you say you brat?!"

"I'm not a brat! How dare you say that after we gave that to you for free!"

"You're not one to talk you stupid cow! This is all your fault in the first place!!"

"But I didn't do it on purpose! Right, Tsuna-nii!?"

"Maa maa Lambo, Hayato. But you at least owe an apology right, Lambo?" Yamamoto tap Gokudera in the shoulder as he grin at Lambo.

Lambo huffed from his seat and crossing his arm as scowling at the other side.

"Not a chance," he said.


Lambo suddenly felt a shiver on his skin, and when he turn to his right, he saw Chrome smiling oh-so-coldly at him, and he swear he could feel her mist flame lurking around her and threaten to snake up to him.

With a pale face Lambo in a flash Lambo turn towards Arioka and bowing his head in a rush, "I'm sorry!"

Arioka and huffed in his seat and didn't say a word.

"Hey! That's rude you know! You chibi!"

"Who are you calling a chibi you damn brat!"

From the end of the table Tsuna and Yabu sighed at the same time seeing their friends childishness. When they realize they're doing the same gesture, both just grin at each other.

Soon, with the bickering of from the two most childish member from each group it's like the ice melted between the two group and they soon engulfed with a loud and heated conversation with each other as they eat.

"Hee~ so you guys are here for work? In such a young age?" Yabu looked astonished as he munch on his food. It was just earlier that they found out that Tsuna and the rest except Lambo is still a High Schooler. While they themselves all already reach 21 years old or more this year.

"What? Are you people underestimating Jyuudaime's capability?"

"No one said that you know," Inoo retorted back.

"Hayato, don't be rude. Well yeah, you could say it's family business," Tsuna said with a bit of shyness.

"Aah~ that kind of thing is really troublesome isn't it? Like you need to prepare early and up to everyone expectation or such?" Yaotome said.

Tsuna gap like he have just saw an angel even though the crooked teeth didn't look like it in the slightest as he heard his words, "EXACTLY! Not to say my toturous tutor really have no mercy! He practically thrown away my youth!"

The three older boy just laughed as Tsuna keep ranting about his hellish middle school days.

"Ooh! You could extremely speak english?!?! I always extremely didn't understand what they are talking about!!" Ryouhei claimed excitedly.

"Well....yeah, since I've lived there. By the way Sasagawa-san, why are you keep saying 'extreme'?" Keito ask with confused face.

"Because it's extreme! Just like boxing!!"

"O....oh...? So you do boxing?"

"Yes! You have an extreme muscle there! Join our boxing club!"


"Hey hey Yamamoto-kun is that a shinai you bring there with you?!" Yuto lean his body to the other side of the table as he eyeing the sheeted bamboo sword with sparkling eyes.

Yamamoto who was enjoying the tempura suddenly brighten up at the question from the other boy, "Yes, you know about kendo Nakajima-kun?"

"A bit, I get to learn it for a while," Yuto said with a grin.

"Ooh~! We should do a spar sometimes then!"

"It must be fun~! Not that I'm a real kendo player like you though. I only learn it for a short period."

"Ahahaha, then I could teach you more. I also do baseball aside Kendo!"

"For real?! I get to play baseball for a short while too last time! It was so fun! Maybe you could teach me how to do those curve shot or such!! Hitting those homeruns is really hard~"

"Really?! Then we definitely need to play next time!! Don't worry it's easy! You just need to grip the ball like 'gyut' like this, then when throwing go 'swoosh' like that!"

"Ooh! I see! Then I'll teach you how to drum too next time!"

"Uwoh! You could play drum Nakajima-kun?!"

"Yup! It's so fun! You'll like it!! It goes 'pachapachapachapacha cess bum" like this..."

From beside Yuto, Chinen could only eyed weirdly the two tall black haired boy as they keep talking animatedly while sometimes make swinging or tapping gesture and with sometimes undescribe-able words.

"Please speak with human language you two."

On the other side of Yuto, Takaki and Yamada is busy watching over Daiki who's fussing over his new phone as their chopstick keep sending food towards their mouth whenever it's empty.

"See? If you use this feature here you could get a clearer voice when playing music!"

"Um....and what is this one for?"

"....Yamada, can't you see it's the email icon? It's obviously to open your mailbox!"

"And this button?"

"Yuya!! There's lock picture in the button!!!!! Isn't it clear enough what the button is for??!!!"

“And this one?”


"You people is so noisy, Lambo-sama is trying to eat here."

"Shut up you brat or I'll cut your stupid hair like a lawn!"

"Lambo-sama's hair is not a lawn!!"

"Oh yeah?! It looks the same for me!"

"....Daichan, your hair when doing Kindaichi is almost the same as that."

"Shut up Yamada!!"

"Lambo, eat your vegetable properly."

"Eeehhh~~~~ but Chrome-nee~~~"

In the most farthest part of the table, Hibari is eating silently after Chrome kindly put some of the food in his part of the table. He was at ease in his spot here since those herbivores is really noisy there.

He was eating calmly when fron the corner of his eyes he saw a small herbivore walk silently towards him and took a seat across him.

Hibari glare at him for a while as the other person just smiling cutely at him as if he have no fault.

"What do you want herbivore"

"They're so noisy over there, so I want some peace over here,'' then when realising what he was being called by, Chinen blinks cutely before he tilted his head, "Herbivore? True that I'm not such a meat lover like our pig-Ryosuke over there, but it's not like I only eat vegetable too you know."

"You're a herbivore since you're weak."

Chinen blinks again, which perked something inside Hibari.

"How do you judge me weak from just seeing me?"

"Since you're a herbivore," he say curtly as he finish eating and sip his tea.

"Hmm~ but I could do acrobat just fine, so I don't think I'm that weak. My name is Chinen Yuri you know~"

Chinen sends out his cutest smile, and Hibari's eye twitched a bit at the scene. Did he hallucinating just now or was there really flowers flying out from the boy earlier??

"Nee nee Kyouya-kun~ I want that tempura. Give it to me~?"

Hibari's eyes sharpen at the smaller boy, "You have no right to call me that."

Chinen just pouted at him, "But I want to call you that.....can't I?"

Seeing Chinen pull out his (fake) teary eyes, Hibari just growl as he move the tempura plate to the other side of the table.
"Eeh~ but I want you to feed me~" Chinen says with his famous puppy eyes.

"....aren't you pushing it too much, herbivore?"

When the rest of the group who still busy talking with each other accidentally glance at the two on the far end of the table some times later, different reactions shown from all their face. Tsuna's group looked horrified and seems like their souls about to flew away, while the other group just sighed and mumble "Chinen..."

"Ky-Kyouya is letting other people sitting in his lap?!?!" Tsuna said with a hissed voice.

"Jyuudaime, that man even patting on his head! What's happening there!?!?"

"Ahahaha, maybe they have become friends already?"

"Kyouya-nii never let me sit in his lap even once!"

"That's extreme!!"

"Oh, don't worry. That was our Chinen doing," Takaki says calmly as he sip on his tea.

"Chinen always have his way on making everyone do what he wanted to do," Yuto say while laughing.

"Well Chii-chan is REALLY cute and adorable after all. How could anyone could reject him?" Keito added.

Tsuna and the rest sweatdropped. SO THAT'S WHY!

Well, Hibari does have soft spot for cute things after all.

They were about to split up their way again after finish eating (which was being paid by the other group much with Tsuna's protest) and are now in a relatively empty street in the back of the restaurant. They were using the back door since the other group said it's probably 'unsafe' to came out from the front door again.

They never told Tsuna and the rest why.

"How long are you guys staying in Tokyo?" ask Yaotome as they about to part.

"Maybe for another 2-3 days," Tsuna said unsure.

"Do you guys have plan after this"

Tsuna shake his head towards the older boy. "No, we only have a business later tonight. So maybe we'll just go sightseeing or resting in the hotel."

Yaotome and Yabu then grin at each other as Yabu pull out a paper from his jacket pocket and give it to confused Tsuna.

"Then please go watch if you guys feel like it. Don't use the front door, just go to the back, show this to the security and I'll have them show you guys your seat. Our treats for the phone."

"Eh?! But you don't need to--!"

Yabu cut him by putting his hand on his shoulder and grinning until his eyes almost disappear, "We insist."

"Oi guys! We need to go soon!!" Yamada says while looking agitatedly at his watch. "We'll be late at this rate!!"

"There's our cue. So, see you guys then!!" They said before rushing away, while some just calmly fast walking behind their group.
Tsuna just stare as they gone and still couldn't grasp the situation.

"They're nice people huh! I would love to meet them again!!" Yamamoto says happily.

"Well...I guess they're not bad."

"Lambo-sama didn't want to though."

"That's extremely not nice Lambo!"

"So? What ticket are they giving to you Tsuna?" Yamamoto ask as he take a peek from beside him.

"Hm? Ah, I haven't properly see it. Let's see, it's for this early evening. Seems like a concert?"

"Concert?" Gokudera eyeing the ticket suspiciously.

"Yeah. Um....is this the artist's name? Hey...Say....JUMP?"


[Eng Softsub] Yuto in Yumipan (2015.01.22)

Since no one work on this yet, and it's not that long, I decided to make softsub of Yuto's appearance in Yumipan on 2015.01.22 :3

And today is the perfect occasion, since it's Yuto's 11th Year Anniversary of being a Johnny's!! \(^O^)/

For now I will only release softsub, I don't know if I'll post the hardsubbed later on or not.
You could use the video from konbannu comm in here
(it's in the bonus spoiler)

or using any video from weibo : 裕翔yuto1993

I'm still learning, so I'm sorry if there's any mistake in the translation >_<

flawless Yuto...Collapse )