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Nihon Eiga Navi 2016 Vol. 66 (Yuto x Yuko Crosstalk Eng Trans)

I'm back with another YutoYuko crosstalk!! XD
I'm skipping the rest that's already out because they're mainly talking about the same thing, but this one have some difference so I do this one too!

Pretty sure this won't be the last crosstalk I'll be doing for this pair, and I'm excited about it myself XD

Nihon Eiga Navi 2016. Vol.66
Nakajima Yuto X Araki Yuko
[Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru]

(Not 'kabe-don', the clumsy two)
Yuto : This kind of love story is the first for me, so I'm really happy to get this new experience. As I read the script, I'm being reminded how we need to take importance of small things in our daily lives.
Yuko : You're right. The atmosphere inside the story is really warm too!
Yuto : Even though there's no 'kabe-don' scene that really popular recently (laugh), the universality of the other part is oozing out.
Yuko : It's not about flashy 'kyun' scene, I'm really excited whether the forgotten daily live 'kyun' scene is expressed or not.

Common point with the Ryota and Koharu's role that you are playing?
Yuto : It's the same as Ryota, I'm the type of person who easily have negative thought.
Yuko : That's unexpected!
Yuto : I'm cheerful in front of other people, but at home I just stay silent while watching TV (laugh), I'm totally indoor person. Araki-san and I been told by the Director "Don't make the role, but find Ryota and Koharu's part from inside of you", so I feel like I've been able to utilize my role more than before from that common feeling.
Yuko : For me recently, the common feeling between me and Koharu is not much. But as the shooting goes, I became more positive thinking, and Koharu's good parts coming into me. Koharu is really lively, and kind towards other people. I think she's the kind of girl that think of other's before herself.
Yuto : Both Ryota and Koharu have experience where their relatives passed away, and both having problem with their family. That's why when talking about their feelings there's emphaty, they feel like they never meet someone like that before, for Ryota Koharu's positiveness has made him moving again.

Koharu's line is not something that usually came in a love story so it's interesting. It's so real, and a bit different kind of girl. Ryota also didn't looked like a main role in a love story, always "in the dusk". How they're not traditional kind of character is good I think.
Yuko : If explaining Koharu in one words, it's that she's a hard-working girl, that's why she feel kinda rushing around. At first she was having one sided feeling to Ryota, so she's so nervous that she ended up talking too fast. There's also scene where she lend a book to Ryota, but feeling awkward, her way of giving it ended up like that (laugh). She's really pure, even from girl's point of view there alot about her that would make them think she's cute, I don't think there's lots of girl that really honest while showing her feeling like that.
Yuto : Even so Ryota didn't realize about Koharu's feeling at all (laugh). In the Sports Festival event "Rice Bag Jump" too, Koharu purposely tighten the rice bag that they're both in with all her might. Usually against such boldness you will go 'kyun', but the actual person didn't realize it at all (laugh). On the contrary Ryota's such awkwardness is adorable right. He saying that he's scared about falling in love with other, but the way he explain it too you can't help but not feeling empathy of him (laugh). Ryota also keep circling around. Because they like each other the shy feeling is strongly expressed it's really cute, I think that also part that'll make go 'kyun'.

(Acting's interesting part)
Ryota was wholeheartedly keep thinking about Koharu.
Yuto : Because of something that can't be helped there's time that he going out with other girl, but he ended up couldn't be as he usually do, and once again realized how important Koharu is to him. He always feel something about Koharu after all somewhere inside him. I wonder about people like Ryota who do thing wholeheartedly.....I don't think such person exist.
Yuko : But there is such person around me.
Yuto : Oh!
Yuko : My friend was dating since 2nd year of High School for 6 years through, even though they've went through many things, when they got into a fight the girl said, "Let's just break up!", but the boy said "We don't have such choice, so let's think of a solution."
Yuto : Uwaah....this talk is really making me go 'kyun kyun' (laugh). For people who have only went through short love relationship, looking at Ryota they might think "does such wholehearted person really exist?" right, but for people who been having love relationship wholeheartedly it's an obvious thing. Such thing is nice right.

The two of them living together for 7 years, but how was it on the shooting location?
Yuto : This time, for the actor's sake the shooting done almost in paralel with the script flow.
Yuko : Because the story flow are going along with the shooting, it's really easy to get in.
Yuto : The staffs relationship are good, and the Director are also really calm, I think in this work such atmosphere is portrayed. I don't want to do it like I'm the main role. I want the staff and the cast to be standing in the same position, so I I don't want to give out any tension feel, I want to let it go peacefully and at ease in the shooting location.

How was Director Ichii's shooting location?
Yuto : He said "Do it as you like" and at first he's looking at the way we do it by ourselves. Like if we're using a props, we get to try using it ourselves first and trying different thing.
Yuko : Until now when playing a role I've always making it different than myself, but after playing as Koharu, I found out about finding something from that role that exist inside me and I think it's fun.
Yuto : It's not showing stern expression from stern lines, it's really a naturally done play, that's why I'm being teached to show it differently than when doing drama. Like not adding things that's not needed. Because it will conveyed if I say my line properly, I'm really worried when saying out my lines. We're being entrusted by the Director to do so.
Yuko : He listen to us when we don't understand about things, such a Director that's stood beside the actors.
Yuto : In "Pink to Gray"I have to make my expression basing on the intention, it's an already decided feeling, but for this movie I feel like I've done it in a really natural atmosphere. How to express it is different based on the works and the director, I think it's fun. I want to try doing many different kind of works.

Nakajima-san's scene in Thailand is also good right.
Yuto : It was only a short 2 days 1 night location shooting (laugh). I just through it like that there. I haven't even get the feel of the location, and being told that the one there is not Ryota but still Nakajima Yuto (laugh). Somehow I've manage to get through it.

(About Rice Bag Jump and Coloner Sanders)
There's some part that makes big impression in this work, the Rice Bag Jumping being talked before is one of it. Was that hard?

Yuto : When doing it for long distance it's hard.
Yuko : Our feet will bump into each other you see. Even though we only ever practice jumping it on short distance.
Yuto : In total it was more than 100m. We jumped quite a lot right.
Yuko : The curve part is hard. I think it's hard for the front person because he'll have to be careful not hitting his feet to the back person.
Yuto : I think it's hard for the back person because she keep getting hitted by the front person's heel, I'm sure it's hurt. I apologize for that (laugh).
Yuko : It's okay you know (laugh).

The part where you hug giant Coloner Sanders doll while running is also leaving big impression.
Yuto : That's the real thing you know (laugh).
Yuko : It's around 25 kg (laugh).
Yuto : Thanks to that I think Ryota's feeling really shown out. In the rice bag jumping scene too, because of the long distance they're jumping expression that's not written in the script able to came out. The Coloner Sanders is also the real normal weight of the statue (laugh). The image was running while holding Coloner Sanders upper body, but because the base part is really heavy I hold it on the lower part, it looked as if the Colonel fly out from my body (laugh). After that Ryota will say an important lines to Koharu, I think it will be a scene where you could see Ryota earnestly showing out his courage as the male leader.
Yuko : The phrase for this movie is 'Urukyun' [uru= teary, kyun=throb], but I think you will go teary in the end.
Yuto : It might even be 'Darakyun' [dara=soaked] (laugh). I think males will definitely go kyun in the part where Koharu fell tightly to Ryota's back in the Rice Bag Jump. You'll wonder because it's Koharu, whether that was included in her plan or not. Because as soon as they enter the rice bag she tie it tightly. Usually it's embarrassing, but seeing her expression trying that hard is really cute right.

The scene where Koharu made Fried Chicken for Ryota is also makes you smile.
Yuto : The setting was the chicken totally didn't look delicious there right (laugh). Also it's not served on a plate, but pulled out as it is (laugh). Even though it didn't looked delicious but he's the kind of person who wants to treasure it because it's being made for him, he won't laugh on it I think.

There's "Meal" word included in the title, it's also movie that taking importance about eating meal.
Yuto : We're really careful about our way of eating here. Because Ryota is a proper person, his eating way also need to be proper. In the scene where Ryota hugs Koharu, it was right after meal so his fingers kinda sticky, at first I really at lost on how to do it. If it was Ryota, I think he'll clumsily wipe it off first though (laugh). Just from such movement the feelings are conveyed right. I think that's the part where he has grew up.
Yuko : Koharu also like meals, but I think with whom it was also important. Like, because she's eating it with the person that she's like, it's a delicious meal. It's as if the meal became a lot more delicious because the person she like is there.
Yuto : It's a synergy result right. In the last scene they're eating a white rice, I feel like that rice tasted really delicious. Ryota is not someone who usually looking cute, but in that scene, even I think his eating face who's expression like saying "Delicious!" is really cute (laugh). When he munching into the white rice is really leaving impression right.
Yuko : For me after seeing this movie, it makes me want to eat "Tamago kake gohan". [Note : It's a way to eat raw egg by pouring it on hot white rice]
Yuto : That's nice. Because there's a lot of variety for TKG.
Yuko : What's that? TKG?
Yuto : Tamago Kake Gohan (laugh).
Yuko : (laugh). Then, my most favourite TKG is...
Yuto : That's nice, keep using it (laugh).
Yuko : I like to pour shouyu, and then natto above the egg.
Yuto : For me after splitting the egg I pour shouyu, and then a bit of Goma oil.
Yuko : That sounded delicious. I'll try it.
Yuto : Because TKG's world is really vast (laugh).

We here also ended up wanting to eat TKG after hearing their talks, but after watching this movie, you'll also ended up wanting to eat delicious meals. At any rate, stood side by side with many romance movie that flooded recently, how it based on meals, making us realized that from our daily lives too it's not impossible a movie-like story could be made. The two's talk is really refreshing, as if the real two person flew out from inside the screen. Ryota and Koharu too must be now exist somewhere in this world.

As usual, please leave comment and tell me what you think about this new pair ^^
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