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Pia Movie Special 2017 Winter (Yuto x Yuko Crosstalk Eng Trans)

I was kinda into this pair lately, they're super cute not just from the looks but on how they're talking with each other too! I immediately fell in love as I read their crosstalk and can't help to translate everything. I just need people to read this! XD

Pia Movie Special 2017 Winter SP

Nakajima Yuto x Araki Yuko
Movie's tomorrow, The two's tomorrow

(Role and own's overlap point for Nakajima Yuto and Araki Yuko are?)
The thing that made them dating turns out to be, Meal. From the miracle relay "Rice Bag Jumping" competition in Sports Festival, the quite and negative thinking Hayama Ryota and the positive thinking Uemura Koharu's distance getting closer. Through the "Meal" in their everyday life, the two became understand of each other and love start blooming...
From popular writer Seo Maiko(?) works, Director Ichii Masahide bring it to the movie theater with Hey! Say! JUMP's Nakajima Yuto as the main role and Araki Yuko as the heroin. For the two who's presence hold the burden of "tomorrow" even aside from Movie's world, this is their first time starring together. First we hear their first impression of each other.

Yuko : At first, I can't read what kind of person Nakajima-san is. When watching "Itadaki High JUMP" TV Show, I'm wondering what kind of person he is in the real life. Because he's too cheerful (laugh), I wonder is that the truth or is it different. But as we meet in the location, I immediately knew he's an honest person. (Looking at Nakajima as she talks) He's shaking his head, but it's the truth (laugh). That's why it's so easy to get along with him. Because it's a love story, there's lots of theme included inside, how we're from the same generation and it's easy to talk to him, I feel really glad that Nakajima-san is the one playing the role as Ryota.
Yuto : As soon as I met Araki-san, somehow I could understand the reason she's chosen for the Koharu's role, she's really cheerful, cute looking, and also have warm smile. It was written that Koharu's presence is like a sun, just like that when Araki-san enters the shooting location it's as if flowers are blooming. Her cheerfulness is displayed clearly, and how she do her best in her act is also got through, it makes me want to answer those feelings.
Yuko : Compared to normal boys, Nakajima-san is calmer with mental age like an adult, I think that part is similar with Ryota. His attitude towards people in the shooting location is also very adult, he's a gentleman. If a women staff holding heavy stuff he'll definitely hold it for them, on rice bag jump scene too he help me up from falling down position and properly caring of me. Ryota is not that active in those kind of things, but there's some things that they're really similar about. Also, in terms of food he like he likes Okara. (Note : Okara or Soy Pulp, are Soy bean's residue when being made into Tofu)
Yuto : That's not gentleman, but my preferences right!? (laugh) Did I said I like Okara?
Yuko : When the catering came he went "This is delicious!" and busy munching was turns out to be Okara (laugh). He said "It give gentle taste. I really like these simple taste". From all the menu there, it was that!? I remember thinking like that. I like it too so I understand the feelings, but... it looked like old man (laugh).
Yuto : (Our) Preference are like an old man (laugh).
Yuko : There's also because how he's really calm in the shooting location, but including his taste (laugh), his adult-like part is similar with Ryota I think.

While we talking about taste preferences, in terms of meal, we want to hear about your similar taste preferences.
Yuko : We found out earlier right?
Yuto : Un. Korean food!
Yuko : I like Senmai-zashi! (I don't really know about this food either, but it's something like cow's stomach part? Try googling センマイ刺し if you're curious)
Yuto : I really like Yakiniku's side menu...I might gonna be said looked like an old man again here (laugh), but I really like Chanja. (Again, it's a korean food menu name. Google it to see)
Yuko : I also really like that!
Yuto : See, you like it right? Such delicacy, or transformed things like that I really like it. Unexpectedly we found out that our taste preferences are matching (laugh).

(Acting out 7 years span of relationship, things that they're being conscious about)
Saying out their mind clearly, Nakajima and Araki appeared so comfortable. But that's also because how there's period they're living together in the script, and their relationship that flows and portrayed in the shooting.

Yuto : At first we didn't really talk, but as time goes we became able to talk with each other, right?
Yuko : Like when eating Ehomaki right? (Note : Ehomaki is a giant sushi roll, usually eaten in New Year. The tradition is they need to finish it fast and have to stay quiet while eating it) On the first day we eat the Ehomaki, and even though we're being told not to speak while eating it he called out to me, and we ended up secretly talking without others knowing (laugh).
Yuto : She replied back when being bullied, so it's really intersting (laugh). It's like there's result after bullying her. That's why as I found that out I keep pushing back at her (laugh). I thought that if our distance became closer by that it would be nice. Somehow I don't really like asking questions from distance. I thought that it would be nice if we could get along naturally.
Yuko : Like not decorating anything (making things up to look good) when we're together, and not in bad meaning, there's also time that our feeling didn't get through. By being used to feel things like that, I think it's nice.
Yuto : Through 7 years is the point, just by thinking how long of time that is, in the story betwen the two there's a lot of shaking thing, secret, and the thing of their past right.As we thought how to deliver such darkness in 1 months shooting time, I think how we're acting and behaving with each other in the shooting location is important.

Just like Nakajima said, the story revolves about 7 years long love relationship that starts from High School days until they became member of society. In between, aside from the relationship between Ryota and Koharu, their own's self also changing. The first scene that Nakajima and Araki shoot was the University days part. Playing as Ryota who's always in the dusk in his High School days, Nakajima said "It was a really hard work because I immediately have to show Ryota's growing part. But if I manage to capture his positive side, then I could connect it with his worrying young period, is what I think". But above that it's also because the shooting was done in consecutive, "If this was done separately it will be really hard I think. Exactly because this movie was done in consecutive I think that a lot of miracle could happened," is what Araki said. That miracle, was in the Sports Festival scene.
Yuko : On February there's only one day where it was raining heavily, and it was precisely that day the Sports Festival scene was being shoot. But, from afternoon it was really sunny.
Yuto : It was really hot, right. The school ground also got rained so it became so messy, and the staffs restored it back.
Yuko : Even though not long before that it was raining so heavily until we couldn't even see anything.
Yuto : It's really Sports Festival weather.

Which one of you are the "Sunny Girl" or "Sunny Guy"? When we ask that...
Yuko : I'm Sunny Girl!
Yuto : I'm also supposed to be Sunny Guy, but in my own first starring drama's first day it was raining, so probably I'm a Rain Guy (laugh).

In the spur of moment, when Nakajima said "We borrowed Araki-san's Sunny Girl Power", Araki went "But (the sunny weather) only from the afternoon right (laugh). As it got replied with "Then, the rain in the morning was from Nakajima's Rain Guy power!?", he went "Such power is totally not needed right (laugh)". Even though their type are different, the two easily have sharp sensiblity with each other. Their personal shining parts are reflected as it is in the movie, but things they're being conscious together and talk about are, the meal. Because meal are the important theme and motive of this works, of course it need to be taken with care.
Yuto : I forgot whether it was included in the schedule or not, but there was some kind of meal test. I wonder what it was about, turns out they are checking out our way of eating (laugh).
Yuko : Yes, we done that!
Yuto : Personally I think my way of holding the chopstick are done properly, for that I really thankful to my parents. I never thought such thing will have a role in my life.
Yuko : I also usually make sure to do it properly when eating meal, but as the title have word "meal" in it I think the eating scene are really important, so I always consciously make sure I'm eating it beautifully.
Yuto : The Director also says do it naturally as it is, I didn't usually make up for the role I play, but for the meal scene because it's Ryota I consciously make sure to be careful. When eating hamburger in Japanese Style too, I make sure to cut it in one bite size, and put in the topping (laugh). Such thing also discussed with the Director.

(About acting naturally as it is in the shooting location without making it up)
About acting naturally as it is, it also one of the thing to be looked up from the works. Both Ryota and Koharu, as they have things on their shoulder, certainly, it's normal for any boys and girls. The one that appear in the love story between those two character, are meals that people familiar about like sports drink, fried chicken, and hamburger. The fact that the a naturally love story could be approached and shrugged in just as it is.
Yuto : Usually when acting I will says that it's hard, but exactly because there's nothing in it that there's a lot of worried moments. It feels like I'm full with the whole one piece of the thing that I'm acting out in front of me. But as I'm being told completely put that aside and do it naturally as it is, I can't help but only pull out a little bit part of the real me out. I don't really have the confidence so I was really scared, in the middle of that, I totally understand the meaning of the Director's words. The environment and atmosphere that being build in the shooting location was reflected like this.
Yuko : Rather than making up the role, I was thinking of finding the common point between me and Koharu. Like the fact how Koharu and I both are positive, finding such thing is fun.

(Each of their school days...continuous rejected past!?)
The school days scene are full of sparkles and dazzling, but what kind of school life that Nakajima and Araki live through. As we hear the conversation, an unexpected "confession" from Araki!

Yuko : I'm also very positive thinking in my school days. I confess 3 times to the same guy in my middle school days (laugh). Even though I keep being rejected, I continue attacking. Even till going to his house on Valentine Day.
Yuto : (About that talk on shooting location) You said that, you said that! (laugh) It's amazing right. On the contrary I want to recommend her to that person who keep staying firm (laugh). "She even went until this far, see!" like that (laugh).
Yuko : In such meaning, how I let through my love feelings is similar with Koharu I think.
Yuto : For me, I think I was the mood maker in the class. Because I like making people laugh, I often do impersonation of the teachers. I never approach other first, and somehow I have a bit of clumsy side, but person like Ryota who hold the courage to say out his feelings is amazing I think.

This is the first Love Story Movie for both Nakajima and Araki. Which scene that make each of them go 'kyun'?
Yuto : No matter which scene that I do it always makes me go 'kyun', but the one that left so much impression is about chicken. (cooking kentucky fried chicken) There's scene with chicken that Koharu made, after that they're breaking up, then when dating new girl he also being cooked a fried chicken by her. It's also written like that in the book, but the chicken that Koharu made is completely different.
Yuko : Hee~ (laugh)
Yuto : Don't say "Hee~"! (laugh) The looks and taste itself was good, as I said that to Araki-san, she went all jealous. "The one she made is more delicious anyway, right" like that (laugh). How to say, the fact that we could really acting like that in the real life too making me go 'kyun', it's interesting.
Yuko : I went 'kyun' on the scene where we holding hands for the first time. Aside from the fact that they're dating until that point, there's not much scene where they kissing or hugging, it's a scene where we could see how much they think of each other is the same, I think from girls point of view that scene where the two are in their house will make them go 'kyun'.

Also, from anyone's view there's scene that will make people go 'kyun'. The kiss scene situation is also a thing from the works. We hear the impression from the two who acting it out.
Yuto : It was embarassing right. Even though we usually fooling around, it suddenly became quiet atmosphere (laugh).
Yuko : (In the shooting location) The meal menu was curry, as I said "Gotta be careful of (not leaving stain) the teeth", he said "It doesn't matter, we are both eating curry anyway!" like that. "That's not good!" I said (laugh).
Yuto : So proper! (laugh)

Wow I'm so glad I managed to finish this in less than a day, there's also other crosstalk I want to do full trans.....maybe later, and new one coming out tomorrow. So busy....LOL

Please comment after reading! It will motivate me for writing more ^^
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