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My next Tokyo's exploration trip was girls version of Akihabara, the IKEBUKURO!


This will be a super long post with tons of pics attached, open with caution of your quota If you bored and want to read this XDDDD


Another note!
JUMP's next tour has been announced, and both of the Yokohama Arena period is in my school holiday! Planning to go watch once for each YokoAri, wish me luck for my first JUMP concert >

Keiji Ballerino Making

Good day!
It's been a while since I update this LJ thanks to my school and part-time that really time and energy consuming ><

Although maybe some of you is kinda in a confused or bad mood (maybe?) because of Yuto's sudden scandal(?) (if that really is him, I'm still waiting for further confirmation myself but that's not the point of this post), I'm here to share Keiji Ballerino's making that I rip myself from my DVD :)

If any of you haven't got the chance to watch it, enjoy Yuto doing ballet, being a dork, cutie, and 'hot' scene X3

P.S : I wish I could sub this, but I still have no time so please don't put hope to much on me for the time being ><

As usual, please don't re-share or re-post this video anywhere else. Just link the person to this LJ (LJ, not the direct download link) if you want to share this :)

download link : YutoWHoLovedByEveryone~
This is my first actual post every since coming to Japan. So I finally get to buy and read the new Waiwai recently, and find the yutoyama crosstalk so cute~ I have been kinda lost from fandom while managing my new lifestyle here, so I don't know whether anyone have translate it or not, but since it's short I did it anyway. So if you haven't read it, enjoy~

Waiwai JUMP Vol 5
Nakajima Yuto x Yamada Ryosuke Crosstalk

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Possible subbing hiatus? Hope not...

By this time next week, I would already arrived in Japan. I'm going to take Japanese Language School for a little bit more than a year starting next week :) I'm really excited for this long stay, since it'll be my first long stay outside of my home country, and it's in JAPAN! ><

I'll be living in a dorm, doing intern in restaurant for the first 3 months then continue as part-times there for the rest of the school period, so I don't know how busy I'll be for the next year, or how accessible I will be to the internet and my usual download website source ><

One thing for sure, I probably couldn't continue my Waiwai JUMP scanlation while I'm staying there, since I didn't have any portable scanner at the moment, so it's a definite hiatus (or if by miracle I buy a scanner while I'm staying there?).

I'll still try to be active in the subbing community I'm part of, and probably still being noisy translating bits and stuffs in my twitter, so yeah I'll try not to looked dead too much XD

What I'm really excited about is the fact that I'll be able to watch Pink to Gray right on the premier day!!! I have googled and just a few blocks from my school there's mall with Toho Cinema! And since I'll be living in Tochigi, which is outside Tokyo and a little bit more rural than the big cities like Tokyo, I'm hoping I could get the ticket for the premier day without too many efforts on that day. And the cinema goods too!!!

So yeah, that's a little bit update about me. Now I need to finish my unfinished project before my flight on the 6th ('-')/

Happy Early New Year people!!! XD



I can't believe this just happened.

Taguchi Junnosuke announce himself RIGHT before KAT-TUN perform in Best Artist that he's leaving KAT-TUN and JE by next spring. Saying he thinks on what he wants to do in his life because he'll reach 30 years old soon.

This is the worst....

I can't believe it when I watch it real-time earlier.

I feel....betrayed, sad, disappointed....it's just....so sad.

KAT-TUN has lose their precious members, like NEWS, SO MANY TIMES already. And when I, WE, have finally feel assured they can go stable like this with the 4 of them, this happened.

They apologized so much in their J-Web entry for the matter. I couldn't even care anymore about Taguchi's entry, but reading the other 3's entry really makes me broken down inside D:

They apologized, and apologized so much, about not being able to convince Taguchi enough to have him stayed. Saying how Taguchi so firm with his decision. They sounded so guilty to the fans, and I don't like it a bit!! It's not THEIR fault!!! D:

I understand Taguchi have his own plan for his life, everyone deserve one, I really do think so, but when you're thinking about the other three's feelings it makes the decisions sounds so cruel :'(((((

I don't know what Taguchi have in mind for his future, Nakamaru hinted that Taguchi wants to isolate himself from the showbiz, so I guess he's leaving this entertainment world for good, maybe getting married like the rumour said or what, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY hoped HE could've have think of a way that wouldn't put the other 3 in this kind of position :(((

They have been comrades for almost 10 years now, and Taguchi also feel it when their members leave, I would've NEVER think he will do this to them.

I may not be the biggest KAT-TUN fans, but my JE journey started by me liking them, so they hold special place in me. We don't know yet what KAT-TUN will be after this, but I hope whatever that decision is, it will be able to make the other 3 smile, even if it's just a bit.

I'm not really in my straightest mind right now, so I maybe regretting parts of what I write here later on, but I really need to pour this down.

And lastly, I HOPE, WISH, BEG, that they won't rub this matter in front of Kame, Nakamaru, nor Ueda anymore whenever they're on TV for their solo work.

No apologize, no jokes, nothing.


I don't want to see them apologizing anymore. It's enough.


Hello again, I've got quite a free time for myself yesterday, and kinda in the good pace for reaching my target to finish scanlating this volume before the new volume came out~
So here I got 3 NEW CHAPTERS ready now~!!

I've got Tadaiki's cute chapter, JUMP who supposed to be helping Yabu-kun, and YutoYamaChii with horse~~

These chapters are really short anyway, so I'm going to post the 3 together.

No more talking, here you go~

[Chapter 75 - TaDaiki]Wai Wai JUMP Chapter 75 : "Playing Basketball!"

Download : "You have it good!"

[Chapter 83 : JUMP+Yabu-kun]Wai Wai JUMP Chapter 83 : "Helping out Yabu-kun...?"

Download : "We come to help!"

[Chapter 84 : YutoYamaChii]Wai Wai JUMP Chapter 84 : "Riding Horse!"

Download : "I'll ride to anywhere!"

Btw, I tend to do chapters that I like first, so now I'm left with only a few of chapters that I still personally like for volume 4. You guys can make a request on which chapters you want me to do first among these chapters left from volume 4. I'm going to be working on YutoYama's radio chapters from previous volume too, just FYI

Chapters left from Vol 4 :
-JUMP World Concert
-Johnny's World Concert (With glimps of Sexy Zone & ABC-Z)
-TakaChii in France
-Hikaru's prank
-Yabu's 40 Carat Stageplay report
-Chinen's Onmyouya e Youkoso report
-BEST jealous over 7 (kinda like another of their 'motetai' segments)

I'll be waiting for your responses guys~
It's been a while since I posted any Waiwai chapter!
This chapter should've been for Inoo-kun's birthday, but I didn't make it in time, and got busy after, so....yeah :p

This chapter is about HikaNoo!!


download : CosplayHikaru-kun~~

Nakajima Yuto in Busan

So, yeah. I don't think I've ever posted any entry that has nothing to do with my translation stuffs? But since this is a really memorable event for me and us Yuto's fans, I want to write it down here just as reminder in case in the future I forgot the details I know now.

What event? Of course about Yuto coming to Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in Korea, that started on 1st October! Gosh, he's so devastatingly handsome and cute and---okay, I'll stop here, or I won't even start this post, am I?

1st October 2015
Red Carpet...?Collapse )

2 October 2015
His koreans and Bed scene XDCollapse )

So yeah, that's all about it. I haven't got out of my feels for Yuto from this event already. I mean, Yuto is just too good looking in his every pics that it's killing me TT^TT

We got YutoYama moments, hints of future hot YutoKaho moments, and YutoSuda + YutoSudaMamiya moments, how can I not be happy? X"D

I even saw some people that's not his fans saying how he's handsome and cute and stuffs, and now I'm afraid(?) that Yuto's fans gonna increase because of this X"DDD

I'm happy if he get more attention and more jobs, but somehow I'm a possesive fans who kinda wants Yuto just for us, his fans from when he's still unnoticed and stuff. yeah, if you know what I mean U_U

Pictures are credit to many sources in weibo, and as watermarked.
Since today (5/9) is our dear Ichigo prince's birthday, I scanlate his solo chapter in Waiwai JUMP Vol 4 \(^O^)/
They ask him what kind of job an Idol is, and he tells us stories about his hardship and happiness in being an idol~! >w<

And to make it more special, and since I only made it to finish 1 chapter, I made two version this time.
One version in English, while the other one is in Indonesian for my Indonesian fellows X3


Scan and Translation credit to me!
Please don't re-upload or re-using this without permission!

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Indonesian Ver.Collapse )
Today 4/15 is Daiki's 24th Birthday~!
Yeay~~!! Otanjoubi omedetou our cute and adorable penguin~~!!!!! >w<
Each year you didn't look like you growing up at all, you looked cuter and cuter instead!
I hope you keep it that way!! XDD

So to celebrate Daiki's Birthday I scanlate the 2 chapter about Ariyama in Kindaichi Festival~!
Ariyama is so cute and adorable in these chapters!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! ^w^

Scan and translation credit to me
Please don't hotlink!
Please credit if using this in whatever way!

Happy 24th Birthday Daichan~!Collapse )


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