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[sticky post] Super Late Introduction Post

Konnichiwa! \(*w*)/

I've been using this LJ since....2009?2010? At first I only became member and 'watcher' and never really post anything, so I never felt the need for introduction post, especially index. But with how this LJ grow up, and my plan to lock my works from now and later on, I think it became necessary ^^

So about me, I'm '92 born Indonesian girl who just grow up loving Japanese stuffs and culture :D
I’m a fanatic Hey! Say! JUMP fan, and dying fan of the irritatingly handsome and flawless guy Nakajima Yuto (>//////<)

Also a dying hard-shipper of Yutoyama or Yamajima, whichever you call it XD

*[2017 UPDATE]*
Since Bokugoha movie, I have declare myself as hard-shipper of YutoYuko *A*

to the point I wish they really date and marry in real life, LOL

Among Jrs, I’m a hard fan of Kouchi Yugo, my babyyyyyy X3333 I hope he and SixTONES could debut soon!

Beside JE fandom, I'm also a big fan of anime. Recently and the ones still my everlasting fav is Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Hyouka, Akagami no Shirayuki Hime, etc. But I never talk about these in here anyway X"D

This LJ of mine is mostly consist of my translating works, sometimes personal subbing, and recently JUMP’s releases download links. For Translating works it’s all will be public open, but for download link it’ll be friend-locked after about 1-2 weeks (if I not forgot XD).

I’m not that strict kind of person, as long you help me along by following my rules, which is very common and easy in my opinion. Just don’t re-use my files without my permission, or re-share the download link directly to ANYWHERE. Just link the post instead if you want to share :D

Just introduce yourself here about whatever you wants me to know about you (about fandom ofc XD) and I’ll add you back as soon as I have the time :D


Halo semua, aku mau buka PO buat Summer Station Johnny's Jr KING's Treasure tahun ini.

Mr King Treasure Goods

Glow Stick (Penlight) (8type) : Rp 250.000
Face Towel : Rp 250.000
Sticker (8type, isi 9 stiker) : Rp 180.000
Hairband Bracelet (8type) : Rp 125.000

8 grup : Mr. KING, Prince, HiHi Jet, TokyoBShounen, SixTONES, Travis Japan, Love Tune, SnowMan

Harga sudah termasuk ongkir dari Jepang sampai ke daerah Jabodetabek.

Untuk pemesanan email ke narqy263@gmail.com dengan format
Isi : Nama
Alamat dan No tlp
Pesanan (jenis barang, grup, jumlah)
Cth : Penlight Sixtones 2

Barang akan dibeli sekitar tanggal 11-13 Agustus. Batas pemesanan dan pembayaran sampai 10 Agustus jam 16:00 WIB. Perkiraan barang akan sampai jakarta akhir september

Untuk pembelian 5 barang atau lebih bonus photo 1 Papapic member fav 😊


Good morning!!!! Today is Yuto's first romance role movie with Araki Yuko's DVD release day~! "Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru" \(^O^)/

I reaaaaaaly love this story! It's really heartwarming, and even though it's teenager romance story, there's no kabe-don or such over-act scene. Really natural love story that will make you all giddy and warm~

The story revolves around Hayama Ryota and Uemura Koharu who have exact opposite personality. While Ryota is all quiet and negative because of his past history, Koharu is a bright and positive kind of girl. This is their story from High School, dating in University, and facing adulthood together to marriage step. But for some unknown reason to Ryota, Koharu suddenly break out with him and he was left back in his darkness all alone again. Until Ryota finds out that reason, and break through it to get Koharu back to his side again.

If you guys didn't know yet, I'm a BIG shipper of YutoYuko!!! They're so cute, pervect visual together, and when you guys watch the making you will see how their interaction is so cute!

Usual rules apply!
Please don't re-share the download link to others
if you want to share this, please share the link to this post instead!



Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru

Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru Makings (Highschool, University, Adulthood Arc)

Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru Making
(Yuto in Thailand)

Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru Promo Events

There's actually also additional audio track with Yuto, Yuko and the Director Live Commentary version of the movie. But I haven't manage to find way to convert it to smaller size while keeping that additional audio track. I'll update this post if I manage to found way, or if any of you can teach me how to!

I'll try to sub the making sometime in the future!

Long time no see, Livejournal

Hello people!

Some of you might now, but I just finished replying back to all the friends request I had, since I have been away from LJ for like....months.

Why you ask?
my Tokyo lifeCollapse )

That's all from me.

My next post probably going to be the goods pre-order or Precious girl post XD
Btw I also has backed up some my post to DW, gonna continue that soon too probably.



PO mendadak buat yg di Indonesia!!!

da yang minat mau goods New Year Con DEAR sama Johnny's Countdown? Kalau banyak yg mau aku mau buka PO, mumpung rencana nonton. Tapi karena tinggal minggu depan, batas bayarnya juga jadi mepet ><

Goods baru (beda dari tur) :
Poster (3 jenis) : JUMP, 7, BEST - (Rp 150.000) poster digulung
Uchiwa (9 member) - (Rp 112.500)
Clear File (9 member+1 grup) - (Rp 112.500)
Body seal / temporary tattoes - (Rp 105.000)
Photo set (9 member+1 grup) - (Rp 130.000)
Character Key chain (9 jenis - Kurusuke, Yujikku, Sabonen, dll) - (Rp 180.000)
Johnny's Countdown : Uchiwa grup (1) - (Rp 112.500)

Harga belum ongkir dari Jepang sampai rumah kalian ya.

Yang minat bisa e-mail ke narqy263@gmail.com
Nama :
Item (Jumlah) :
No HP :
Alamat :

Rencana beli di pre-sale tanggal 30, batas pemesanan dan bayar tahap 1 (blm ongkir) sampai tanggal 29 siang
I'm back with another YutoYuko crosstalk!! XD
I'm skipping the rest that's already out because they're mainly talking about the same thing, but this one have some difference so I do this one too!

Pretty sure this won't be the last crosstalk I'll be doing for this pair, and I'm excited about it myself XD

Nihon Eiga Navi 2016. Vol.66
Nakajima Yuto X Araki Yuko
[Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru]

The refreshing pair~Collapse )

As usual, please leave comment and tell me what you think about this new pair ^^
I was kinda into this pair lately, they're super cute not just from the looks but on how they're talking with each other too! I immediately fell in love as I read their crosstalk and can't help to translate everything. I just need people to read this! XD

Pia Movie Special 2017 Winter SP

Nakajima Yuto x Araki Yuko
Movie's tomorrow, The two's tomorrow

Sunny Girl and Rain GuyCollapse )

Wow I'm so glad I managed to finish this in less than a day, there's also other crosstalk I want to do full trans.....maybe later, and new one coming out tomorrow. So busy....LOL

Please comment after reading! It will motivate me for writing more ^^

My thought about Pink and Gray

Many of people who have watched "Pink and Gray", especially Yuto and JUMP's fans, have many mixed feeling with this drama.
From what I see around me, people's reaction are either astounished in all different meanings or have their heart totally crushed by the 'intense' scene X"D

I myself got the chance to watch this movie right in the cinema months ago, and I have been so excited waiting for the DVD to came out.
Aside the 'disturbing' scenes, this movie itself have kinda twisted plot, timeline, and roles, making people probably confused by all different things in a flash of minute. Especially if you didn't understand Japanese and what they're saying.

My Japanese itself isn't that perfect yet, but I feel like I get what the director and the writers wants to convey in this movie, so here I'm going to pour my opinion of the story and their reasons of their actions.

I could be wrong, or misinterpret, this is all my opinion from how I see the movie.
And since I'm talking about the character, the casts didn't have anything to do with it except that they're the one portraying it.

This contains heavy spoiler, and please keep in mind that I didn't read the novel, so this is purely my rough interpretation from the movie.

I would love to hear and discuss if you have different opinion :D

[Gocchi and Riva-chan...]
If we're looking it from the very first timeline, we have the usual triangle love potential friendship between 2 boys and a girl who live in the same neighborhood. With Rengo as the more popular and cooler type, compared to Daiki who portrayed as the tipical shounen with lack of self-confidence in the time he really needed it. Such difference is shown during their high school period scenes, and even more obvious as they started getting in the showbiz world, where Rengo (Gocchi) easily climbing up to the stardom. Leaving Daiki (Riva-chan) still in his spot.

Being together all those years and seeing how Gocchi standing tall in the light, probably making Riva-chan looking up at him in all different meaning, whether it's good or bad. He see Gocchi as the perfect example of a popular man, totally opposite of him in his eye. As they keep getting further in terms of popularity, this drop Riva-chan's confidence even more than before. And inside his heart, even he looked like he hate how Gocchi leave him alone into the popularity, he adore such world and Gocchi who actually able to enter there. many times Gocchi actually tried to take Riva-chan with him since he also believe in Riva-chan's strength, but Riva-chan's lack of self-confidence hinder him, and he is over-conscious over Gocchi's presence.

But the most important part here isn't how Riva-chan sees the showbiz world, but how he sees Gocchi. By time, he feels like he getting separated from Gocchi not just by distance, but by heart too. Like when he saw the song Gocchi sing on TV, he feel like it's not the kind of song "His" Gocchi will sing.

He started to feel like he didn't know about Gocchi anymore.

That's why when they get the chance to meet again and have a talk in the reunion and Riva-chan see how Gocchi still act like how he usually is to him, he feels relieved and happy that he thought he got his old Gocchi back.
Only for it to be crushed the next day, by Gocchi doing suicide when they're supposed to continue their happy moment together.

The reason Gocchi ask Riva-chan to choose his deathwish, was because he think "If it's Riva-chan then he'll surely knows (about me)."

They have this kind of thought where they thought they know about each other the best.

But then, after Riva-chan do what Gocchi ask him to do after his death and 're-act' his life by acting as Gocchi in the movie, plus people's pressure on him as the 'replacement' for Gocchi putting Riva-chan under heavy mind pressure. He who always looked up the place where Gocchi stood, but when he actually stood there he couldn't bear with all the pressure that he 'have to be Gocchi' and not as himself. And by standing in the place where Gocchi have been without him all those time, he get to see and feel many things he didn't know about Gocchi before. Making him thinking "Do I really know what kind of person Gocchi is?"

When you have been declaring each other as your best friend and suddenly given such realization, Riva-chan got some kind of panic attack, and didn't know anymore what is right and what is wrong. his heart is shattered by all the revealation about Gocchi in the showbiz that he never knew. He started to feel he didn't know about Gocchi at all, all this time. Including the reason for his suicide.

After he watch Gocchi's old taken video of his sister and somehow got the hint of what Gocchi has been feeling that he never knew about, he actually tried to do what Gocchi done, doing suicide, in the very same place. In which he failed. He wanted to know, what was Gocchi's feeling.

In the last talk between Riva and Gocchi, Gocchi said, "Riva-chan surely understand the reason." in which Riva-chan desperately deny it with so much regret and dissappointment. The whole point of it, was how Gocchi convincing Riva-chan that it's okay even if they didn't know everything about each other, it's okay that way, because they're different person. Gocchi trying to show Riva-chan that the person who became their living reason is different. For Gocchi it was his sister, while Gocchi trying to show Riva-chan that it was Sally for his case.

What I catch here in the last scene was that Gocchi trying to make Riva-chan realize that he shouldn't live with him (Gocchi) as his aim or anything, but focus on the person he cares about, Sally.

It was such a confusing and bumpy road, but that's how I catch what the movie trying to deliver. About the 2 boys friendship, and how it affected their lifes. But still, the most important line is the relationship between Riva-chan and Gocchi. Many times they do things with thought "Because I know him best" but more than often too they thought "He didn't know anything about me" and get upset with themselves.

But in the end, they realize that it's okay like that. They didn't have to know EVERYTHING there is about each other.
My next Tokyo's exploration trip was girls version of Akihabara, the IKEBUKURO!


This will be a super long post with tons of pics attached, open with caution of your quota If you bored and want to read this XDDDD


Another note!
JUMP's next tour has been announced, and both of the Yokohama Arena period is in my school holiday! Planning to go watch once for each YokoAri, wish me luck for my first JUMP concert >
This is my first actual post every since coming to Japan. So I finally get to buy and read the new Waiwai recently, and find the yutoyama crosstalk so cute~ I have been kinda lost from fandom while managing my new lifestyle here, so I don't know whether anyone have translate it or not, but since it's short I did it anyway. So if you haven't read it, enjoy~

Waiwai JUMP Vol 5
Nakajima Yuto x Yamada Ryosuke Crosstalk

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