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Yuto Nakajima
I was browsing my unpublished waiwai scans, when I realized I haven't posted these two up yet :|
The two chapter focusing about Yuyan and his childishness XD
It have Chii and Hikka accompany him in each chapter, so I guess it could work as a late birthday post for both of them? :3 (If I knew earlier I would've posted this on time)

Anyway, as usual scan and translation all credit to me :))

Chapter 68
TakaChii playing snow~Collapse )

Chapter 69
Hikaru-senpai!Collapse )

Waiwai JUMP Vol. 4 Chapter 77

Yuto Nakajima
I know I've just scanlate 8 chapters yesterday, but as soon as I got over my deadline I can't help but too eager to translate this one!!
This chapter is about members Blood Type, it's so cute and informative too for those who didn't know about these things! ^^

As usual, scan and translation credit to me :)

Chapter 77 preview+download link :
Type A...B...O...AB..?Collapse )

Waiwai JUMP Vol. 4 Chapter 60-67

Yuto Nakajima
This is my project for JUMP 7th anniversary!
Although my original plan is to translate the first 7 chapter, but I forgot the first chapter is from 60 and do extra one, lol
But I don't want to cut the 8th chapter because that's the one I really want to do the most especially in this occasion!

Well anyway, here's the DL link for each chapter + the preview~
If you want to download all, there's full folder DL link that I will be posted later (MF is being hard on me)
Full folder DL link is there in the bottom~! ^^

It's okay to re-share the pictures but please credit me (for scanning and translating) and please don't hotlink! ^^

Chapter 60
Bakaleya's days~Collapse )

Chapter 61
Asia Tour...Collapse )

Chapter 62
SproutCollapse )

Chapter 63
PuzzleCollapse )

Chapter 64
Do you bring....?Collapse )

Chapter 65
photoshootCollapse )

Chapter 66
photoshoot 2Collapse )

Chapter 67
I want to be a teacher!Collapse )

Full folder download link : Happy 7 anniv JUMP~

Happy 7th Anniversary Hey! Say! JUMP~~

Yuto Nakajima
For my one and only beloved Idol group in the whole world, Hey! Say! JUMP, Happy 7th anniversary boys!!!

You've been through many things these past few things, and this year is a really memorable one in your growth from my point of view.

Here's some thing that I remember that's memorable from the past year :

1. JUMP started have solo parts for all members in all song since the 10th single
2. All members starring in drama this year! And with 3 of them being the lead actor!
3. All the revelations we get from the members 10.000 interview.....there's so many important things from those interview that I can't write down. But my most precious one is definitely Yutoyama relationship revelation and Yabu's story when JUMP was formed (before and after).
4. 3 members got FRIDAY-ed..? LOL (Well at least that means they're adult already)
5. Ryutaro's appearance in twitter!!! I must say this one is shocking me the most. The little hamster has grew up.... T^T I would be lying if I said I already give up on him returning, but well, adulthood give you other harsher opinion that you have to admit also have (and possibily more bigger) possibilities to happened. My only hope for today is AT LEAST let Ryutaro celebrathe this special occasion with the other boys together please.... T-T
6. Yuto and Inoo's hair dyed blonde for the first time ever~! XD And Yama-chan's hair being VERY confusing after left his silver colour X''D
7. Hikaru and Dai-chan became Hirunandesu's regular~! I always enjoy it a lot every week~
8. Takaki and Dai-chan got Radio Show~! Bay JUMP!! Tadaiki shippers flying to the heaven every week because of this radio show X''D
9. Yuto, Yama-chan and Daiki went to Vegas and get to watch Grammy Awards, Hahaha~
10. It's the end of JUMP turn being Shokura MC (And I've stop watching it regularly ever since)

I'm sure there's many other things happened but that's all I remember right now and I want to stop at number 10 (I don't have to explain why I'm sure)

The Cool JUMP
The Cute JUMP
The Amazing JUMP
The Sexy JUMP
I love every side of JUMP that I think it's being dangerous (hahaha)

I just hope more and more people know you in the future,
you guys grow up like how you want it to be,
keep staying together,
keep acting as it is with the other members,
and keep on shining :)
Yuto Nakajima
I'm not doing this on spesific order, just based on what I suddenly want to translate at the moment, so sorry for being so random X'D

WaiWai JUMP Vol. 2 Chapter 22 : Keito & Guitar~

Guitar~Collapse )

WaiWai JUMP Vol.3 Chapter 45 : Yabuhika's Behind Story

Tsundere Hikka~Collapse )

There's different in size between the two chapters because I've just started doing better scan for the chapter 45 ^^
Yuto Nakajima
I just buy わいわいJUMP copy Vol 1-3 myself the other day~ and beside Vol. 3 which I haven't found the scan anywhere I see some chapter in Vol. 1 and 2 hasn't been translated either I think. So here I translated one of it first, the chapter about Yuto and his beloved horse~ I'm still waiting for the vol 4 copy to arrive too~

Sorry for the crappy scan, this is my first time scanning any of my JUMP things and I'm too afraid bending it too much >,<

[narqissa@lj] vol2ch29page1

download link : Yuto's pureness~
Yuto Nakajima
I've cutted School Kakumei 2014.06.01 on Yama-chan's Birthday procession because it's just beyond funny hilarious and adorable!!! XD
Yama-chan in the last episode said that he felt left behind by Chinen and Hikaru who could do lots of stuff. So to cheer him up, they call a CHEERLEADER SQUAD to actually cheer him XDD

It's just so funny I couldn't stop laughing watching Yama-chan's reaction to their "Ryosuke kakkoi" and "Ryosuke Johnny's No.1" shouts XD

I've upload it to my empty youtube account. Here if you want to see

Or if you want to download --> HERE

P.S : Kouchi looks like he enjoy the show as he dancing along the rhythm and it's the cutest thing ever~ X3

Hey! Say! JUMP Calender 2014-2015~<3

Yuto Nakajima
It's a bit late post, but I've just received my JUMP's calender around 4 days ago~!

My fangirling babbling~Collapse )


And this is what the calendar is doing to me right now. Definitely not gonna put out this anytime soon~

I didn't regret spending my money on this AT ALL!! XD
Yuto Nakajima
I'm sure all of you have watched Takachii's J's Journey to France right? In the DVD release, there's one DVD where they talking with Yabuhika in a room and talking about their journey.
They also did "Gachapon session", where they have to answer questions made by others such as "Who you want to date with?" or "Moment when you're angry towards other members."

It's been more than a year since this DVD came out, and no one subbed it yet, so I decided to do it myself.
I think it's a real shame no one subbed this, since there's so many Yabuhika moment and other members story that they told in this DVD!

The one they shows between Takachii's Journey in TV only a couple of minutes in every episode, while the whole talk part actually length more than an hour!!
I want everyone to know what they say out in here, and how they worked hard on it so much, since it's the first time they did this kind of talk session without any MC outside JUMP ^^

You can get the raw from ayakimura here -->
It's the disc 5A, keep in mind (^^! )
By the way, please be kind and follow her rules when you're downloading from her journal okay? :)

And if you already have the video, here's the softsub by me -->!pJMggAiI
and the pass : Jg6u6ibzyIKs_mrYvQs-Jd50TVHJdz3r7lDaBFa_DFM

I can't release any hardsubbed, so I can only ask you to not use my softsub in the wrong way or taking any profit from it.
I take a lot of time to do it, only to share it with another fans, and that's all I ask from you :)

Since I'm not fluent in Japanese, I might make some mistake in translating it, so please forgive me
Enjoy it~ 

Johnnys Entertainment Trivia For Fangirl

Yuto Nakajima
001: How old are you? 21 (Gonna be 22 in less than 2 months)
002: Gender? Female
003: Location? Depok, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
004: First JE group exposure? Tackey&Tsubasa, although at that time I didn't know they're in JE, and anything about JE. I found out they're in JE after I'm going through JE's list when I'm into KAT-TUN
005: When you first heard of JE, did you hesitate to fangirl them? Not at all. I just see them like regular agency. I'm into KAT-TUN in High School, trying to find out more about them, found out about JE, and just keep going until now.
006: Well, are you addicted to them now? Totally. There's never a day pass when I'm not doing anything related to them.
007: Current favorite debuted JE group? Hey! Say! JUMP is my life, and I like KAT-TUN and NEWS although I'm not that up-to-date about them.
008: Current least favorite debuted JE group? All the other groups (including the older generations and the solos) except the three I mentioned above are in the same rank in my eyes
009: Favorite Junior? Kouchi Yugo :3
010: Least favorite Junior? None, because I didn't know that many of them :3
011: Favorite Junior group? Bakaleya boys
012: Least favorite Junior group? Rest then Bakaleya boys, like I said, I'm not that up-to-date about the Juniors >.<
013: Who is your favorite debuted Johnny? Choose ONE. Nakajima Yuto
014: Least favorite debuted Johnny? Maybe those among ABC-Z, but can't decide who. Like I said, the rest except JUMP is equal in my eyes :3
015: Do you own JE merchandise? Only some CD and one old magazine about JUMP that I found accidentally in a book bazaar. Rest is unofficial.
016: Who comprise your OTP? And both people must be in JE (Meaning if they were male/male, pick your favorites you’d like so see. ONLY 2 PEOPLE YOU ORGY FIENDS!!) Nakajima Yuto/Yamada Ryosuke (THEY ARE THE FIRST AND THE ONLY ONE THAT MAKES ME ACCEPT YAOI SO NO COMPLAIN HERE!)
017: Nakajima and Yuuto are. . .
A)two different people
B)the same person B. I used to favoriting Kento, but since he turned so gay recently, I got broken just act like he's not in my mind here
C) Who is Nakajima?
D) Who is Yuuto?
E) Who are Nakajima AND Yuuto?
018: Have you ever had a JE dream? I had! XD I met all JUMP members in my dream and once only with Yuto. Gosh....that one with Yuto feels so awesome >w<
019: What would you rate that dream? And if you’ve had more than one, choose your favorite. (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) G, just talking to them :3
020: Which Johnny makes the best boyfriend material? Definitely Nakajima Yuto for me! I always dreamed riding horse together with him and hearing his laughing all day~
021: Which Johnny is the biggest wuss? SMAP or Arashi maybe? What whuss means? '3'
022: . . . which Johnny is the next Johnny? Hideaki Takizawa (Just get him in the throne now Johnny-san! Better than those two who's fighting now!!)
023: Which Johnny is the next big thing? Probably Yama-chan, like it or not.
024: Takki or Tsubasa? Tsubasa
025: Kame or Jin? Kame, because he's Yuto-kun's nii-chan :3
026: Yamada or YamaP? Yamada, again, because he's Yuto-kun's :3
027: Marius or Sou? Neither, but if I have to, Sou. I don't like Marius even a bit -_-
028: Uchi or Yuma? Yuma. I found his songs amazing recently
029: Skinniest? Nakajima Yuto XD
030: Fattest? Yuuyan :v (I'm not changing your choice here mairunovich XD)
031: Nicest boobs chest? What? XDD Probably Yama-chan, they say he's E cup? XDD
032: Best dancer? Nakajima Yuto~ Yutti is the best for me~
033: Manliest? Definitely not someone in JUMP. Keito would be a choice if only he's not such a scardy cat XD Probably Tsubasa-kun.
034: Girliest? Tegoshi and Inoo
035: Cutest? Chii~
036: Scariest? Someone in Kanjani8, the one who scolds Yuto when he's guesting in K8's show >.<
037: Best singer? Yuto when he's still a Jr. is the best. Now, Yabu, Yama-chan, and Yuto in equal standing for me for different reason :3
038: Worst singer? Inoo-chan, because I never pay attention individually to those outside JUMP
039: Smartest? Sakurai-kun seems like he's the smartest of them all
040: Dumbest? Definitely Bakaki (Takaki Yuya for those of you who's not Tobikko XD)
041: Favorite PV? Hey! Say! JUMP - Super Delicate, Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, Ride With Me, Ainoarika, Come on A My House
042: Least favorite PV? Hey! Say! JUMP - Dreams Come True
043: Most in need of a haircut? Kyomoto Taiga (Yeah, he needs it -_-)
044: Do you watch JDoramas? Mostly only when JUMP members starring in it
045: . . . JDoramas without a JE member? Some when I know the manga or anime it based on, or when friends recommending it.
046: What is your favorite JDorama? hum....*thinking hard* Detective School Q and Q.E.D probably. Not really remember...
047: What was your first JDorama? The oldest memory I could recall is Detective School Q, although I'm sure I've watched something before that.
048: Did your first JDorama have a JE member? For now, seems like it
049: Do you have a favorite JE “actor”? If you consider JUMP members as Actor too, then yes
050: Who is the best JE actor? For now it's Yama-chan, because he's the one with different kinds of roles. Others have roles that are too similar so I can't judge. I'm not really paying attention to those like Ikuta Toma though, so this is private opinion.
051: . . . the worst? Haven't seen any.
052: If you were a JE costume designer, would you keep up the gaudy, sparkly tradition? Just a bit. As long it's not making them looked to girlish and gayish XD
053: The song, Kizuna. Better by Kame alone or better in a group? Never heard of it, sorry
055: Did you see DREAM BOY 2004 starring Takizawa Hideaki? I wish I could...
056: Which JE group has the best concerts? Hey! Say! JUMP~
057: Favorite JE song? Hey! Say! JUMP - Time, and Tobira no Mukou (The one that sadly they won't ever perform again as long Ryutaro is not coming back :'( )
058: Which JE boy needs plastic surgery next? And for what? WHAT?! NO ONE! THEY'RE GOOD AS THEY ARE!
059: Which Johnny do you want to bang? What does it means to bang? :S
061: . . . why? No reason XD
062: Which did you come in contact with first, PC or JE? JE probably....
063: Does fangirling tire you? I'm fangirling to escape from my RL, so no. It's energize me instead
064: Have you spent more than 5 consecutive hours watching JE stuff? I've spent full days watching JUMP's Concert, Variety show, performance, etc. And that's definitely more than 5 hours.
065: . . . do you find yourself watching your JE downloads? Definitely
066: Have you and a friend ever fought over whose favorite Johnny was better? Thankfully none of my friends like that, and I'm not pushy about it either
065: . . . did you resort to slaps and/or punches and/or hairpulling? Nope
066: Have you been to a JE concert? I WANTED TOO!!!!
067: Did you ever see a guy on the street and go “Hey, he would look good in ____’s costume from ____ performance…”? Heh? No :S
068: Do you read JWebs? Only from those who share it
069: Whose is your favorite? Of course it's Yuto because he's my bias XD
070: What would you do if you saw your favorite JE boy on the street? Definitely gaping and holding my shriek (if it's possible). The next step, depending on what he's doing and his surrounding. I don't want to disturb him, but I definitely want him to know I'm his fan
071: Has a JE song ever made you cry? No...
072: And finally, the gayest? NAKAJIMA KENTO and TEGOSHI YUYA!!!


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